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  • adj. Of or relating to typology.

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  • Of or pertaining to typology; relating to types or symbols: as, typological exegesis.


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typology +‎ -ical


  • The text and pictures of the Speculum are devoted to the interpretation of the New Testament through prefigurations in the Old, the so-called typological system, which was the medieval way of relating the Old Testament to the life of Jesus Christ.

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  • This broad historical conception was later combined with a new meaning: the typological, which is based on an elaboration of the contrast be - tween “classical” and “romantic” due to the Schlegels.


  • The straightforward meaning of the words was downplayed, since, in that ancient hermeneutic, every word could always have some symbolic or typological meaning—“Jerusalem” could mean “my soul,” for example, and “Israel” could mean “the Church” or “one who sees God.”

    In the Valley of the Shadow

  • That's right, take a typological approach to your workout.

    What's Your Workout Personality?

  • Gregory the Great describes this process in Moralia in Job: "First we put in place the foundations of literal meaning [historia]; then through typological interpretation we build up the fabric of our mind in the walled city of faith; and at the end, through the grace of our moral understanding, as though with added color, we clothe the building."

    Architecture and Memory: The Renaissance Studioli of Federico da Montefeltro

  • Gene Wolfe's Severian comes close, but is again a little hamstrung by the huge Christian-typological pack he has, like Bunyan's Pilgrim, to lug about with himself wherever he goes.

    MIND MELD: Who are the Most Memorable Characters in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror?

  • Many people in this last group, whom the author labels “strict gatekeepers,” hail from countries that are relatively new to the EU and arguably lack the resources necessary to assimilate immigrants; the study also notes that the eastern European countries in the sample tend to have experienced a post – Cold War revival of nationalistic fervor. — “Guarding the gates of Europe: A typological analysis of immigration attitudes across 21 countries,” Eva G. T.

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  • Taking into consideration the marked typological distinctions in Tana ware motifs, even when shared aesthetic influences may be noted, it is more probable that recently arrived NECB speakers manufactured the Tana ware.

    Societies, Religion, and History: Central East Tanzanians and the World They Created, c. 200 BCE to 1800 CE

  • Soper, based on "typological comparisons," made a prediction that such wares would be found southward through the Uluguru Mountains, into Southeastern Tanzania and into Mozambique, which is what Chami's data confirms.

    Societies, Religion, and History: Central East Tanzanians and the World They Created, c. 200 BCE to 1800 CE

  • This will allow us to accomplish a typological identification and therefore their chronological place.

    The Analysis Begins « Interactive Dig El Carrizal – Rescuing a Mesoamerican Site


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