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  • "Wow!" (see rolig.)

    April 9, 2009

  • How is this pronounced?

    April 10, 2009

  • "Wow!"

    April 10, 2009

  • I had a poke around to see what the less-sexist options for unmanned aerial vehicle are. offers me:

    *** Uninhabited Air Vehicle

    ** Unpiloted Aerial Vehicle

    * Unoccupied Air Vehicle

    The stars are a kind of commonness/popularity ranking. The blokes are still getting plenty of them:

    ****** Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

    ***** Unmanned Air Vehicle

    **** Unmanned Airborne Vehicle

    *** Unmanned Aerospace Vehicle

    April 10, 2009

  • Just a note on the pronunciation of this Slovene exclamation (which is probably borrowed from English, btw, via the globalization of American television): the letter v in Slovene is often a semi-vowel, and the spelling av represents the diphthong ow, as in the English words how, now, cow and, yes, wow. The initial u- is the best Slovene spelling can do to represent the w sound. You can also occasionally hear people say this word as two syllables, especially when they want to underscore their excitement: oo-OW, which is sort of cute.

    April 18, 2009

  • uav is very different from a UAV, I learned today.

    March 12, 2010