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  • n. Fear; horror.
  • n. A surfeit.
  • n. Alternative spelling of µg.
  • v. To feel dread, loathing or disgust.
  • v. To fear, feel horror; shudder with horror.


From Middle English ugge, from Old Norse uggr ("fear, apprehension, dread"), related to Old Norse ógn ("terror, threat, disput") and agi ("terror, strife, fear, punishment"). More at awe. (Wiktionary)
From Middle English uggen, from Old Norse ugga ("to fear"), see above. (Wiktionary)
Derived from the similarity between the letter u and the Greek letter µ. (Wiktionary)


  • Eugene, Sharp, Keith, Mehiam, Malcolm ug c ako ang camera man...lols. bday ni butod bangka, tagay, sugba2, bugal2 ug uban pa... question and answer before sa board exam ni sharp chu! - Business News

  • I was disturbed you put "white teeth" but then I was a bookshop owner in the UK when it came out so my reaction is a bit more "ug" - it is a bit like my reaction to Tratt's Secret History - very compelling/very transparent.

    My 31 day challenge: can you help?

  • Uban sa Culinary Institute of America, nagbutang na usab kini ug tunghaan nga naghatag ug mga culinary courses sa Manila aron magbansay sa mga shipboard culinary staff alang sa mga cruise ships.


  • Road widening project to Iloilo Airport benefits transport, commuters Cebuano News: Emergency program sa gobyerno mihatag ug bag-ong trabaho Region I gives out P34. 423-M in cash subsidy to senior citizens


  • Sa sinugdan pa, wala magtugot si Presidente Arroyo sa pagsamok kaniya sa pulitika ug mga resulta sa surveys diha sa iyang pagpadagan s pangagamhanan ilabi na niining panahon sa krisis sa ekonomiya diin gikinahanglan ang paghatag ug trabaho sa mga lumulupyo.


  • Cebuano News: Emergency program sa gobyerno mihatag ug bag-ong trabaho


  • Em: Well, I was a little "ug" punch drunk yesterday and now that I am on pain killers from all the spasms the nerve conduction gave me I am like, "Hmmmm, not do that soon" - thanks for your caring.

    The Neurological expert who gambles and the exam that wasn’t.

  • So will need to do the "ug" and stop by the hospital and waste a Day in ER finding out what to do.

    Oxygen concentrator, I try to go begging (again!), and Seattle!

  • Can anyone help me understand the meaning of "ug" and "mcg" please?

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • He made her play Scrabble and insisted that 'ug' was a word. ")

    Book review: 'The Imperfectionists,' by Tom Rachman


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  • To abhor; to cause hatred.

    December 8, 2007