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  • dumbewhile - the time it takes for a cartoon elephant with big ears to fly around Disneyland
    strumbewhile - times of sharing an apartment with a mad guitarist
    glumbewhile - the period between arriving at work and becoming depressed by your co-workers' grizzling
    numnumbewhile - the late-night zone when you can eat anything you want without taking in any calories
    rapapumpumbewhile - the time of being captivated by Christmas earworms
    obumbewhile - a month (roughly) when you are enthralled by a President who can speak in complete sentences
    scumbewhile - the moment in which you realise that's not cappuccino froth
    humdrumbewhile - any times mired in drudgery seem like years, don't they?
    gumbewhile - the number of chews it takes to realise the flavour has all gone
    drumbewhile - the amount of time before you heave your flatmate's percussion kit out the windowslumberwhile - the repose you missed when you stayed up all night at a friend's 'sleepover'
    numbewhile - the ridiculously long instant between hitting your thumb with a hammer and realising that it's quite painful
    bumbewhile - the point at which you realise pulling your pants down for the camera was not a good idea
    mumbewhile - the time since you last felt guilty about not calling your mother
    yumbewhile - the moments when you are so hungry that any old junk you find in the fridge taste sooooo good
    zerosumbewhile - the time it took you to read this list and realise it's a load of old rope

    December 2, 2008

  • Ooh... I like.

    December 2, 2008

  • (Obsolete) 1. After a time. 2. At times; sometimes. See also umbestound.

    December 2, 2008