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  • n. A large open Inuit or Eskimo boat made of skins stretched on a wooden frame, usually propelled by paddles.

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  • n. A large, open boat made of skins stretched over a wooden frame that is propelled by paddles; used by the Inuit for transportation.

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  • n. The native name of the women's or larger kind of Eskimo boat, carrying ten or twelve people, and consisting of a wooden frame covered with sealskins, with several seats.


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Inuit umiaq.

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From Western Canadian Inuktitut  (umiaq, "women's boat").


  • You can't deny me my umiak this season and you know it.

    The Snow Whale

  • The open-water leads had ended not very far west of the inlet leading south to Back's River — the narrowing strait there was solid ice pack — so they'd had to beach and hide the qayaqs and Asiajuk's umiak and continue on with the six dogs pulling the heavily solid thirteen-foot kamatik.

    The Terror

  • No one minded waiting for the umiak when there was no wind for its sails since the thirty-foot-long craft carried enough fresh food in it that they rarely had to stop to hunt or fish unless they wanted to.

    The Terror

  • He sat with Nauja in the center of a spacious, open umiak as two of the young hunters paddled for him.

    The Terror

  • Although Asiajuk generously offered to let Silna and her children ride in his now-crowded umiak, she string-messaged her preference for the qayaq, Taliriktug knew that his wife would never want any child of hers — certainly not Kanneyuk, the two-month-old — to be so close to the vicious dogs in such a tight space.

    The Terror

  • Asiajuk and his wife and three of the hunters stayed with the umiak at the mouth of the river, but Crozier and Silence with their children, the still-curious hunter Inupijuk, and the other hunters paddled their qayaqs upriver the three miles or so to the first low falls.

    The Terror

  • Inupijuk, the southern hunter, rode in the umiak, as did six Qimmiq — dogs.

    The Terror

  • Now, can I have the baidarka, or do I have to settle for the keys to the umiak?

    Science, Just Science - The Panda's Thumb

  • Communication between the different settlements is maintained by means of the umiak, a boat made of sealskin generally about thirty feet in length.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 6: Fathers of the Church-Gregory XI

  • I heard of one _umiak_ (skin boat) only a few years ago having crossed to Cape Chidley from Baffin Land.

    The Long Labrador Trail


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  • The umiak, umiaq, umiac, oomiac or oomiak is a type of boat used by the Inuit for transportation. Its name means "woman's boat," as opposed to the kayak, which means "man's boat".


    February 6, 2008