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  • n. Alternative spelling of umiak.


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  • Thus, while Thule Culture lasted only the few centuries that this extreme warm period allowed large whales passage into most of the Canadian Arctic, many of the technologies that the Qallunaat (non-Inuit) world associates with Inuit – dog traction, the umiaq and qayaq, and large marine mammal hunting – are Thule legacies.

    Climate change impacts on Canadian Inuit in Nunavut

  • The most likely boat type is thought to be a kayak or umiaq-like skin boat similar to those used by the ethnographic Inuit.

    Pleistocene Voyages to North America

  • The movie works hard to show details taken from Inuit ethnographic analogy of how a group of hunters in an umiaq would feed and warm themselves in those circumstances.

    Pleistocene Voyages to North America

  • Doreen Ahgeak sews on the umiaq cover - bearded seal skin cover for spring whaling.

    Anchorage Daily News - Alaska News

  • Savgak Crew whaling captain Clifford Savgak Okpeaha stands next to his umiaq frame.

    Anchorage Daily News - Alaska News

  • Ladies are sewing an umiaq - spring whaling skin boat - from bearded seal skins for the Savgak Whaling Crew.

    Anchorage Daily News - Alaska News


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  • "We traverse cracks created as the sea-borne ice rides up and down on the tide. We pass a couple of umiaq, traditional sealskin whaling boats left out on the ice, and every so often a scientific instrument or two, testimony to the extraordinary richness of Barrow's research tapestry."

    - 'Bodies Point To Alaska's Past', Richard Black, BBC website 31 Dec 2007

    January 1, 2008