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  • adj. Not associated with another or others as a subordinate, subsidiary, or member; independent.

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  • adj. not affiliated, not associated
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of unaffiliate.

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  • adj. not affiliated


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un- + affiliate + -ed


  • While I remain unaffiliated, I do believe that Obama has an opportunity to achieve something "historic" this summer (presidential candidate) and fall. (president)

    Sources: Clinton, Obama supporters discussing exit strategies

  • A special primary election has been set for January 29, to coincide with Florida's presidential primary, and seven candidates -- four Republicans, two Democrats, and one "unaffiliated" -- are vying for the seat.

    Let the games begin

  • Further, the number of Americans who identify as unaffiliated with a particular religion -- now hovering around 16 percent -- has grown more rapidly than any other religious group in recent decades.

    American Prospect - How Do Americans Really Feel About God?

  • If a victim didn't work for a company at the trade center, they would have been listed as unaffiliated, which is why no company name will appear anywhere.

  • Sixteen percent of U.S. adults identified as unaffiliated in the 2007 survey; 7 percent of Americans described being raised unaffiliated, suggesting many Americans end up leaving their religion for none.

  • "The unaffiliated are the majority, and most of them don't know anything about the Jewish traditions around death," Zuckerman said, adding that his cemetery, which is owned by a Conservative synagogue but serves Reform, Orthodox and the unaffiliated, will open special sections for cremains and intermarried families this summer.

    JTA - Recent News

  • Of the absentee ballots so far counted in Franklin County, more than two-thirds are "unaffiliated" voters, says Mr. Anthony.

    In Ohio, Absentee Ballots Surge

  • I'm a registered "unaffiliated" with long-time Republican leanings and connections.

    Sean Paige: Rubbernecking at Republican Roadkill

  • Are there other women in town or are "unaffiliated" like you?

    Dr. Irene S. Levine: Finding a Bunco group, one player at a time

  • With Michigan, they could (a) give Obama the "unaffiliated" vote, (b) not give Obama the "unaffiliated" vote, or (c) reallocate the vote based upon whom voters claimed in the exit poll they would support if all candidates had been on the ballot.

    Predict the Race for Yourself - Real Clear Politics –


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