from The Century Dictionary.

  • Not believed, credited, or trusted; also, incredible.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • adjective Not believed; disbelieved.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

  • adjective that is not believed; disbelieved


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  • I'm preparing a demonstration ... on the effects of "unbelieved" gas.

    The Cloud Minders

  • That was Anna's trotted-out professional unbelieved line.

    Rewind TV: Sherlock; Endeavour; Public Enemies; New Girl – review

  • I can't believe I could possibly have had a hand in making this fantastic little person, and yet, one look at her and it can't be unbelieved, either.

    Is Forever Enough?

  • PLAINFIELD TODAY: Easter: Women were first, and unbelieved. skip to main | skip to sidebar

    Easter: Women were first, and unbelieved.

  • Talk of unbelieved beliefs (unjudged judgments, unstated statements, unasserted assertions) is either absurd or simply amounts to talk of unbelieved

    The Correspondence Theory of Truth

  • Today it is extremely difficult to find language adequate to "reality gets dumped," which is still in most respects an unbelievable and unbelieved tale, even though we know a lot about it from columnists like Dan Froomkin, Frank Rich, Hendrick Hertzberg and Huff Post's Eric Boehlert, from sites like Tomdispatch. com and writers like Mark Danner.

    Jay Rosen: The Retreat from Empiricism and Ron Suskind's Intellectual Scoop

  • The war he urged on us is horribly unsuccessful and unpopular, as is his SCHIP veto for a transparently unbelieved principle, and there's a general uneasiness with his push for a blank check when the Surveil America Act expires in February.

    First person plural

  • It will describe the new heroic life of man, the now unbelieved possibility of simple living and of clean and noble relations with men.

    Uncollected Prose

  • The unbelieved Cassandra was right after all; the plague came, and the necessity of avoiding the quarantine, to which I should have been subjected if I had sailed from Alexandria, forced me to alter my route.


  • He does so by a carefully self-cancelling syntax: the phrase "Nor is it unbelieved" establishes a disturbingly unattributed half-belief in ghosts which taints the beautifulas is indicated by the lines "lamenting deeds of which/The flowery ground is conscious."

    Wordsworth's 'The Haunted Tree' and the Sexual Politics of Landscape


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