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  • adj. Not braided


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  • It should let those who “want” to wear beards for any reason, wear beards, long or short, braided or unbraided, avec gnome or sans gnome.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Court Rejects Muslim Police Officer’s Demand for Accommodation of His Religious Practice of Wearing a Full Beard

  • Half of my hair has come unbraided and is sticking out at odd angles, I have a red welt across one cheek, and the bite marks on my chest are visible.


  • Now as Tera lay out with her hair coated in conditioner, Mari unbraided her own hair, listened to her iPod, and enjoyed rays.

    Kresley Cole Immortals After Dark: The Clan MacRieve

  • The gusts picked up the strident calls, braided and unbraided the notes, and rushed the fragments across the bluffs where they teased the larger raven into response.

    Raven Speak

  • We girls had thick hair; mine reached below my waist when unbraided and was remorselessly black, but it made my skin look sallow.


  • With braids, it is a little easier to put up the hair - unfortunately, I especially like the smooth unbraided hairdo that can be seen on the Arnolfini Portrait.

    Kruseler and Hairdos, Part I

  • I went to my room, unbraided my hair, and let it loose down to my waist, brushing it over and over.

    Secret of the Night Ponies

  • I unbraided my long hair and rinsed the sticky sugar out of it, and then sank deep into the water.

    Secret of the Night Ponies

  • In the time between Russell and me, scientists have unbraided the mystery of DNA; they have stared closely at the face of cells; they have climbed some of the chains, link by link, from genes to action.

    Parasite Rex

  • Keep in mind howRonce unbraided itself from the pines, ruffles of it crocheting through cracking bark like organza.



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