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  • adj. (of clothing) extending only to the waist


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  • Her waist-length hair was styled in loose, flowing curls.

    Who Said It Would Be Easy

  • The petite Mexican woman, wearing her customary all-black outfit, flipped her waist-length braid over her shoulder and smiled at me.

    Mercy Kill

  • ANA's Mr. Ito and other business executives donned Japanese "hapi" coats, light waist-length coats usually worn during festivals, as they raised wooden boxes filled with sake to celebrate at the gate prior to takeoff.

    Dreamliner's Inaugural Flight Arrives Promptly After History of Delays

  • Then they turned up the collars of their waist-length jackets and walked away, and other people showed up at the Municipal Center and couldn't get in, and this kept happening all day in the rain.

    In the District, Closings shut door on services; City furloughs 13,000 workers

  • Even though she recently reminded me that we took poetry classes together, my main recollection of her was from an ad for a local photography studio that ran in the college yearbook throughout our four years, and that featured Laura and her exceptional, waist-length copper-colored hair.

    She's Gone to the Dogs

  • And now, here she was, the mathematical genius from IIT, wearing a sticky sheath in pale lavender satin, bare arms showing, shiny black waist-length hair completely loose on her shoulders, eyelids shimmery with blue and silver eyeshadow, dressing like a vamp to the office.

    For the Sake of the Boy

  • Unfortunately, I cut my waist-length hair to get one of her sugar-bowl haircuts and have kept it pretty short till now.

    Modest Feminine Dress From the Pages of 1990 Victoria Magazine

  • A robed man sporting a waist-length braid sits cross-legged on a woven mat behind a low table, reading from a strip of dried bamboo.

    Carolyn Bucior: Teacher Absences: What Would Jesus Say?

  • His waist-length black hair snakes into the air like night-blackened seaweed caught in a current.

    Etched in Bone

  • Leathery wings, black beneath their sprinkling of dust; taloned fingers and toes; waist-length red hair; mouth open in a silent and endless scream; abstract Celtic designs—concentric circles, triskelions, delicate loops—were inked along the right-hand side of the body, throat, torso, hand; a thick gold torc twisted around the throat; bracers encircled both corded wrists and the right biceps.

    Etched in Bone


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