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  • adj. Not burnt or burned.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • See unburned.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ burnt


  • The ordinary wooden houses, with their high sloping roofs, gradually gave place to flat-roofed huts, built of a peculiar kind of unburnt bricks, composed of mud and straw.


  • Even with a small amount of unburnt tobacco clinging to it, a single cigarette butt soaked for a day is enough to turn a liter of water a sickly yellow brown and kill 50 percent of fish swimming in it.

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  • Every atom of carbon in gasoline must end up either as COX (CO or CO2) or as unburnt hydrocarbons (a negligible portion ends up as soot on your tailpipe or otherwise trapped in the vehicle).

    The Volokh Conspiracy » The Parked Mustang Test of Environmental Progress

  • We still have to explain the unburnt nanothermite.

    1000 Architects and Engineers

  • Last time we talked about this was at unburnt thermite.

    1000 Architects and Engineers

  • I loved what it did to the middle, unburnt pie crust (crispy sweetness), so next time I would pull the pie out with about 10 minutes to go and brush the butter on and sprinkle the sugar.

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  • In that great oblong of ash, gray and long as an enormous grave, the unburnt body of Hana lay hidden from view.

    Blood Ninja II

  • It is very possible to even buy an odoriferous book and not notice, mixed in with a box of other musty books it can pass muster, but separate it out from the pack and the smell can cause you to wonder why more books go around unburnt.

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  • First cab off the rank would be searching through the unburnt parts of the local countryside for food.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Barnes and Noble Challenge.

  • Then do the same with say a 300 Wby and compare the amount of black specks of unburnt powder between the two.

    The Great Overbore Conundrum


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