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  • adj. Of or relating to a rocket propellant consisting of fuel and an oxidizer that ignite spontaneously on contact.
  • adj. Using such a fuel.

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  • adj. Of fuel or propellant, igniting spontaneously on contact with an oxidiser.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

From German Hypergol, a hypergolic fluid propellant : from hyper-, extreme (from Greek huper-; see hyper-) + Greek ergon, work; see erg.

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German, probably from Greek υπέρ + έργον ("work").


  • The fuels are hypergolic, meaning they require no ignition source but ignite spontaneously when mixed with an oxidizer. - latest science and technology news stories

  • The new fuel is hypergolic, meaning that it needs no ignition source, but burns when exposed to an oxidizer.

    DailyTech Main News Feed

  • I don't know how well the math works but if the propulsion needs are light enough, or if the mission module could carry some simple hypergolic fuelled trusters, but maybe you could use the "mission module" with a cheaper, LEO optimized capsule like Dragon or even Soyuz.

    Minor Damage Seen on Atlantis - NASA Watch

  • This should include hypergolic refuelling for both the landers and the Earth-to-EML Orion crew shuttles (~2030-35).

    Trying To Spin The Facts - NASA Watch

  • Higher silanes + H2O2 are expected to be a dense, space storable and hypergolic propellant combination with better Isp and lower toxicity than MMH/NTO.

    Why Some Say the Moon? - NASA Watch

  • Scale back the two stage partly cryogenic, partly hypergolic Altair to a single stage, all hypergolic, refuelable and reusable cis-lunar shuttle with 2-3 km/s total delta-v.

    Why Some Say the Moon? - NASA Watch

  • - Non-toxic hypergolic fuels should be an abiding goal.

    Dear Mr. Augustine - NASA Watch

  • Gemini/Titan didn't require more than ejection easts since the propellants didn't detonate (being hypergolic).

    Black Zones - NASA Watch

  • The leather gloved hands that work the lathe are stilled in their quest for the perfect receiver *; the monocle * drops from the eye studying hypergolic fuels *; even the simple pleasures of human sexual acts are confounded when the tranquility of classical rhythm is confounded with the squawk of some seagull.

    Archive 2007-10-01

  • They have to reuse the hypergolic RCS system from the Apollo program because that is the way we always did it.

    Committee Urges Multi-Destination Plan for NASA Human Space Flight | Universe Today


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