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from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun The state or character of being unchangeable; immutability.

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  • noun The state or quality of being unchangeable; immutability.

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  • noun the quality of being unchangeable; having a marked tendency to remain unchanged


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From unchangeable +‎ -ness


  • The static immobility and complete "unchangeableness" which the possessive instinct pretends to itself is all it desires is really therefore nothing but a mask for its desire to destroy.

    The Complex Vision

  • Incorporeal created substance is, however, differentiated from the divine, principally on account of its mutability and multiplicity even so, the infinite number and constant mutability of created monads constitute an obverse reflection of the unity, infinity, eternity and unchangeableness of God.

    Lady Anne Conway

  • The chief difference between subjective pleasure and subjective knowledge in respect of permanence is that the latter, when our feeble faculties are able to grasp it, still conveys to us an idea of unchangeableness which cannot be got rid of.


  • Plato is deeply impressed by the antiquity of Egypt, and the unchangeableness of her ancient forms of song and dance.


  • The revelation of Reason is this of the unchangeableness of the fact of humanity under all its subjective aspects, that to the cowering it always cowers, to the daring it opens great avenues.

    Uncollected Prose

  • SOCRATES: Clearly the science which has to do with all that knowledge of which we are now speaking; for I am sure that all men who have a grain of intelligence will admit that the knowledge which has to do with being and reality, and sameness and unchangeableness, is by far the truest of all.


  • Both in Plato and Aristotle we note the illusion under which the ancients fell of regarding the transience of pleasure as a proof of its unreality, and of confounding the permanence of the intellectual pleasures with the unchangeableness of the knowledge from which they are derived.

    The Republic by Plato ; translated by Benjamin Jowett

  • Nor shall we thus be led to the doctrine of atoms, which implies the hypothesis of a vacuum and that of the unchangeableness of matter (both false assumptions); we shall be led only to real particles, such as really exist.

    The New Organon

  • All know this who know the unchangeableness of Thy Word, which I now knew, as far as I could, nor did I at all doubt thereof.

    The Confessions

  • They are ever reading; and that never passes away which they read; for by choosing, and by loving, they read the very unchangeableness of Thy counsel.

    The Confessions


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