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  • adj. Not clerical.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ clerical


  • His eagerness for the adventure did not escape notice, however, nor his very unclerical delight at the prospect of confounding the French authorities, of giving them one in the eye, the devils.

    The Mistaken Wife

  • In my experience, the new pope -- a man who loves his priesthood and who believes deeply in the bishop's office as an office of paternity -- is strikingly unclerical: indeed, far less clerical than some mediagenic cardinals who seem to think of theirs as a splendidly exclusive men's club.


  • I am a martyr to duty and to your odious unclerical habit of hunting,

    Vanity Fair

  • Mr. Doke, a Presbyterian clergyman, “was first seized by the jerks”, and the jerks laid hold of Mr. Doke in that unclerical way and with that scant respect for his cloth, that they

    Contributions to All the Year Round

  • Such recreations are now unclerical in the highest degree, or if not in the highest, they are only one degree less so than hunting.

    Hunting Sketches

  • He looked active and unclerical, and her eyes rested with pleasure on his long firm face, so wrinkled and humorous.

    Maid in Waiting

  • So stiff-necked a man, so obstinate, so unclerical — so determined to make much of little!

    Dr. Wortle's school

  • English clergyman who should not be a bad man, but one led into temptation by his own youth and by the unclerical accidents of the life of those around him.

    An Autobiography

  • She had made up her mind that, great as her influence ought to be, she was not the proper person to speak to Mr Robarts as to his pernicious, unclerical habits, and she would not now depart from her resolve by attempting to prove that she was the proper person.

    Framley Parsonage

  • The vicar did look at his bones, examining the brute with a very knowing and unclerical manner.

    Framley Parsonage


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