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  • adj. not showing courteous respect


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  • Modern forms of "consensus" history see Madison and Hamilton alike as being superseded by Jackson, who ushered in a rowdy, undeferential, dirty-boots, small-business capitalism, contrasted with the gentility shared by all of the famous founders, no matter their differences.

    William Hogeland: Economic Conflicts of the Founding Era Dispel Tea Party Myths... and Liberal Ones, Too

  • And, like Andrew Jackson before her, Palin is unapologetic, undeferential, and unabashedly proud to be an American.

    William Astore: Pallin' Around With Palin

  • From a place in which everyone knew his place, it has become one of the most delightfully undeferential places on earth.

    Why The Monarchy Must Go

  • Britain and the U.S. are the most messy, undeferential, schlocky societies on earth, places that like making a fast buck, that enjoy celebrity precisely because it is fleeting.

    The ties that bind

  • PHILLIPS: The British press has a deserved reputation for being extremely bloody minded, taking no prisoners, being, I think, by the standards of many continental countries in Europe and by the standards of many American newspapers, extremely rude, extremely impolite, extremely direct, and extremely undeferential to authority, which I happen to think are our particular democratic strengths.

    CNN Transcript May 14, 2005

  • She praises the groups who took part in the antinuclear protests at Greenham Common, helped to halt roadbuilding projects through ancient forests, and challenged English laws against New Age travelers — laws which she sees as designed to keep "the undeserving and undeferential poor" in the cities, leaving the countryside as a refuge for the upper and middle classes.

    Bothered and Bewildered

  • Perhaps he had an animus against these bumptious, undeferential, overcritical Americans, and thought it was time to give one of them

    In the Claws of the German Eagle

  • With punk, for the first time, French groups were in the thick of things from the get-go, undeferential and deeply committed to the cause.

    BBC News - Home

  • The King's Speech has the double whammy of not just the predicament - a desperately shy, unconfident man having to take on a terrifying public role - but the development of a "real" and "equal" relationship with an insistently undeferential commoner. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • The worst example of this is of course 'millitant', which is applied to the religious when they bomb and atheists when they speak with undeferential clarity.

    The Guardian World News


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