underexpressed love


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  • adj. Not expressed to the usual or expected degree


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under- +‎ expressed


  • The problem is that these two forces, leaders with a dose of celebrity and citizens with underexpressed priorities, act to shape one another and cannot drift wider apart indefinitely.

    The Murder of Eugene Terreblanche and the State of South African Race Relations

  • Whereas DNA analysis reveals genetic mutations written into a person's genome, RNA analysis reveals which genes are actively overexpressed or underexpressed compared with the general population.

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  • "We're talking about a paradigm-shifting idea that maybe we should look for underexpressed proteins and not overexpressed proteins in Down syndrome," study senior author Terry Elton, a professor of pharmacology at Ohio State University, said in a statement.

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  • Microarray analysis identified 98 differentially expressed genes (79 underexpressed and 19 overexpressed) when comparing the intake of phenol-rich olive oil with the low-phenol olive oil.

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  • The underexpressed RNA bits, the researchers suggested, served as suppressor genes, ones that can prevent a cancer.


  • When the team examined microRNA activity in replicating GNP cells and medulloblastoma tumors in mice, they found that 26 were overexpressed and 24 underexpressed as compared to their levels in normal mature cerebellar cells.


  • Cluster II represents a small set of genes that were underexpressed in CbfA-deficient cells, and their expression was further suppressed by ectopic CbfA-CTD expression.

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  • The factor was isolated biochemically from growing cells, guided by its specific binding to a putative transcription regulatory element, the C-module, within the gene was cloned [7] and a mutant was created that underexpressed CbfA due to the partial suppression of a premature amber stop codon by a co-expressed amber suppressor tRNA gene

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  • Bast and colleagues focused on ARHI, short for aplasia Ras homolog member I, a gene found in normal cells, but that is underexpressed in 60-70 percent of ovarian cancers.

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  • More than 70\% of the downregulated genes in EPT1 overlapped with genes underexpressed in PC3 cells compared to the EP156T cells.

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