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  • adj. Impossible to disguise.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Incapable of being disguised.


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un- +‎ disguisable


  • If you're hunting a criminal and you have one obvious, undisguisable identifier that narrows that person down to 2-5% of the population, it is downright irresponsible and reckless to NOT mention that fact.

    RNC Mailer Hits Obama: "It Used To Be Easy To Recognize Patriotism"

  • All that concentrated power, the implosive life of the board, black and white, the autocratic beauty of winning, what a chestful of undisguisable pride—he defeated men, boys, the old and wise, the vigorous and quick, the bohemian cafe poets, friendly and smelly.


  • The fair Volumnia, being one of those sprightly girls who cannot long continue silent without imminent peril of seizure by the dragon Boredom, soon indicates the approach of that monster with a series of undisguisable yawns.

    Bleak House

  • Past the undisguisable freckles, face powder and spikey black lashes.

    etherea Diary Entry

  • You possess undisguisable features, such that to the eye of a trained physician you would not for one minute pass muster as a man.

    Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

  • It is in the close, packed atmosphere of parishes and monasteries that the comedy of Powers grows and flourishes: an odd, rare bloom: satiric, harsh, and yet not condemning, falling with an undisguisable relish upon the clergy's faults yet based upon a tough and weary faith in what these clergymen so ineptly represent.

    The Priestly Comedy of J. F. Powers

  • He answered in a smug satisfaction tinged with undisguisable malice.


  • One undisguisable frustration de rives from the overriding pressures brought upon her in various fields by the U.S., on whose friendship and strength she leans.

    An American View of Britain

  • Evidently the auditors understood this also, for while some crouched to earth in undisguisable terror, others looked upward as if expecting an answer from the sky.

    Humorous Masterpieces from American Literature

  • _Tommy_ (_looking down, and perceiving a huge and undisguisable rent_).

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 103, November 12, 1892


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