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  • adj. not producing an intended effect


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  • Want to talk about screw-up, uneffective, and worthless figurehead?

    DNC reacts: Palin decision 'continues a pattern of bizarre behavior'

  • There was a professor at my undergrad university who was similarily as uneffective a teacher.

    White Privilege and Amy Bishop « Knitting Clio

  • Which means effective radical speech is prohibited but uneffective radical speech is not.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » First Amendment Protects Disclosure of Name and Address of Juror, Together With Condemnation of Juror, on Racist Web Site:

  • Another point that he made is that if he releases this video, it will be played all across the state, thus rendering an attempt to change venue uneffective (sic) in getting her a fair trial.

    CNN Transcript Jun 17, 2009

  • The fireplace looks pretty but has no blower so is totally uneffective for heating purposes.

    dykeinside Diary Entry

  • Their attempts to put pressure on me were uneffective though and I believe that I did quite a good job answering all the questions and explaining to one of the "middle school kids" that no, I do not own a gun, nor have I ever seen someone carrying one other than a police officer and no, people don't get shot right in front of me every day in Los Angeles.

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • There is still a peace movement but it's basically ineffective; it put millions in the streets against the Iraq War before that foolish lied-about war started, warning of the very things that have happened since, but the millions marching were totally uneffective since the media refused to cover it and the majority of those who rule us ignored it.

    It's Always a Threat of War, Never a Threat of Peace

  • There is a very disgusting government-sponsored silly stupid uneffective "war on drugs" commercial running in primetime teevee these days where a middle-aged woman is driving her homey daughter to school and the mother suddenly replies to something the daughter says with a "Right on."


  • Looking at the astronomer only, it seems to say that astrology has become as absurd as to be uneffective even as a theory of the sequence of astronomical phenomena.

    Let the kids decide

  • While I agree that in general this proposal for reducing greenhouse emissions is going to be ridiculiously uneffective, I can see that not wearing warm clothing during the summer months my result in less use of air conditioning units, thus conserving some energy.

    Here we go again. . . » Japundit Blog


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