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  • adj. Not exhausted.

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  • adj. not used up completely


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un- +‎ exhausted


  • Under the Act of 1881 the landlord's power of disturbance was practically abolished -- but I think I have read somewhere that even of late years, and with the ballot, certain landlords in England have threatened their tenants with "disturbance" without compensation if their votes were not given to the right colour -- while in Ireland, even when evicted for non-payment of rent, a yearly tenant must be paid by his landlord "compensation for all improvements, such as unexhausted manures, permanent buildings, and reclamation of waste land."

    About Ireland

  • By the Act of 1870 "a yearly tenant disturbed in his holding by the act of the landlord, for causes other than non-payment of rent, and the Government Valuation of whose holding does not exceed £100 per annum, must be paid by his landlord not only full compensation for all improvements made by himself or his predecessors, such as unexhausted manures, permanent buildings, and reclamation of waste lands, but also as compensation for disturbance,

    About Ireland

  • We came to think that the way out of the seminal quandary might be further in—to take the unexhausted tradition of chosenness seriously.

    The Chosen Peoples

  • But, the well of anger is deep, and when i was done with the story, it was unexhausted, so Spooky dragged me away from the keyboard about 6 p.m. (there was genuine dragging involved), away to Beavertail and the calming sea.

    Not with a bang, but a flood of white noise.

  • A good novel rushes you forward like a skiff down a stream, and you arrive at the end, perhaps breathless, but unexhausted.

    "We're wrapping up a presidency led me a man his own team has described as 'not a big reader.'"

  • Correspondence, that while the unexhausted Voltaire sent forth tract after tract to the very close of a long life, the first impression made by each as it appeared, was, that it was inferior to its predecessors; an opinion adopted from the general idea that the Patriarch of Ferney must at last find the point from which he was to decline.

    The Abbot

  • Certain other claims were rejected as unexhausted.

    Recent Prisoner Free Exercise Cases

  • There's an entry in her notebook, "the lime trees, unexhausted by the bees."

    Paper Trail

  • The reasons for this vitality are that Voltaire was himself thoroughly alive when he did his work, and that the movement which that work began is still unexhausted.


  • But anyone can catch fish — can he, do you say? — the thing is to have so written about catching them that your book is a pastoral, the freshness of which a hundred editions have left unexhausted, — a book in which the grass is for ever green, and the shining brooks do indeed go on forever.

    The Compleat Angler


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