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  • adj. Not capable of being fixed (mended or repaired).
  • adj. Not capable of being fixed (attached).


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un- +‎ fixable


  • The Wall Street Journal noted that Alexander also said that the Waxman-Markey "unfixable" climate bill "needs to be junked."

    Bill Chameides: On the Climate Bill Fence: What Sen. Alexander Is Thinking

  • Bragging about an "unfixable" exploit reminds me of bragging about an unexploitable OS. / All

  • A hack that's "unfixable" is a pretty bold claim, but that's just what researchers Vipin Kumar and Nitin Kumar have announced at the now-happening Hack in the Box security conference, and they seem ready to back it up.


  • That's odd, the 1986 Immigration Act in the U.S. (aka Amnesty) was enacted because so many illegals had crossed the border that it was considered unfixable and better to start over.

    Page 2

  • Finally, a Windows 7 hack that might be "unfixable."

    Coffee Break: Apr. 24

  • Basically conservatives want to both pretend that everything is great and everyone is doing better and also recognize that things are getting worse and both blame liberals and then shrug and say it is hopeless and unfixable.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Wage Stagnation Debate

  • The stores then send the old phones to eRecyclingCorps, which sorts which phones can be refurbished and which need to be recycled. eRecyclingCorps will safely recycle unfixable phones and sell refurbished phones in emerging markets like Brazil, India, Russia and China.

    Former Sprint, Radioshack CEOs Form Cell Phone Recycling Company | Inhabitat

  • I inhaled and inhaled and then inhaled again until all the trees became one, until I felt certain that the largeness of everything was mostly unfixable.

    The Adults

  • I had a tablet PC a few years back which was a high end computer and one day it just randomly died on me, only to be deemed unfixable!

    Laptop Qualifications « Write Anything

  • “When I knew it was unfixable, I dropped it into the sea.”

    End of Time


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