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  • adjective Not refreshing.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ refreshing


  • The air was sticky and humid, and the rain-squalls were unrefreshing.

    Chapter 46

  • The palm trees, absolutely still, outlined flatly against the unrefreshing green of the packed jungle, seemed so much cardboard scenery.


  • When he awoke from an unrefreshing doze of sleep and saw the sunlight beam into his window, he felt no different than he had the last two weeks.

    When the Spring Dies

  • Sometimes, our best efforts to get a good night's sleep can be thwarted by another big culprit to unrefreshing sleep: a sleep disorder.

    Dr. Michael J. Breus: How Come I Feel More Tired When I Sleep Longer?

  • You may not realize that these movements wake you up sometimes hundreds of times a night, and you wake having had unrefreshing sleep in the morning.

    Dr. Michael J. Breus: How Come I Feel More Tired When I Sleep Longer?

  • He stretched himself in more security on the hard planks, and was speedily asleep, though his slumbers were feverish and unrefreshing.


  • It was amazing, actually, how much the refreshing, unformatted debate that Vinick and Santos agreed to sounded like your usual unrefreshing, formatted debate.

    The West Wing Throws Its Base Some Red Meat - Tuned In -

  • He awoke from these unrefreshing slumbers with a feverish impulse, and a heart which foreboded disaster.

    Old Mortality

  • His slumbers were broken and unrefreshing; strange visions passed before his eyes, and it required constant and reiterated efforts of mind to dispel them.


  • Waverley awoke in the morning from troubled dreams and unrefreshing slumbers to a full consciousness of the horrors of his situation.



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