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  • adj. unable to be forded


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ fordable


  • The sector, which had been quiet for most of four years, stretched some 20 miles from the unfordable Meuse River through the large Argonne Forest.

    Between War and Peace

  • The New River, a formerly dry barranca now pouring Colorado River water into the Salton Sea, soon became unfordable by conventional means.


  • Owing to its swollen condition the river was unfordable but knowing that there was a covered bridge at Duguidsville, I hoped to secure it by a dash, and cross there, but the enemy, anticipating this, had filled the bridge with inflammable material, and just as our troops got within striking distance it burst into flames.

    She Makes Her Mouth Small & Round & Other Stories

  • Mass recently passed a Hillary style plan, and it's a politcal disaster with rates going up and tens of thousands of people getting insurance waivers due to unfordable rates.

    Early Exit Polls: In Virginia, Obama Has Big Lead Over Hillary -- Among Women

  • And if books or supplies are unfordable, perhaps we as a society can find the wherewithal to subsidize the $300 per semester these youth would need to cover those expenses.

    David Ambroz: An Elegant Solution: Act III: Interrupting Generations of Poverty, Abuse and Neglect with Education

  • Believe me, when aluminum is so scarce that it is unfordable, incentives to recycle will develop.

    61 Nobel Laureates can’t be wrong

  • It poured and poured with rain, so the stream at the border of the undiscovered country became a river--not only unjumpable, but unfordable as well, very deep and very very fast, and very wide!

    water song

  • Now in a double twist of fate, as demand for ethanol drives corn prices to record levels, Mexicans are left with no farmers to grow corn and high priced corn from the US as their only (unfordable) choice.

    Food Sovereignty or Food Dependence?

  • If we got to war with Iran and gas prices rise to 5 or 6 dollars a gallon, prices at starbucks will be unfordable as with a number of other businesses because the economy which is funded by credit cards could not handle the strain, particularly in Southern California where the only ones with good paying jobs commute from their homes 1-2 hours one way.

    Starbucks illustrates the weakness of global economy

  • My conductor, however, informed me, that to get through this deep and important stream, and to clear all its tributary dependencies, the general pass from the Highlands to the southward lay by what was called the Fords of Frew, at all times deep and difficult of passage, and often altogether unfordable.

    Rob Roy


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