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  • adj. That has not been bridged
  • adj. Having no ligands bridging two centres


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  • To me, writing is shouting across a void, and I prefer that the gap be unbridged.

    Reading Workshop I « Tales from the Reading Room

  • I have been an observer of this unbridged chasm for two decades, flying across the open space to each community, trying to entice a dialogue between them.

    Pius Kamau: Campaign Brought Communities Together

  • Not only did it change rail beds three times, but shipments had to be unloaded and reloaded to cross an unbridged river by barge.

    The Last Empress

  • MM: Oh, I would beg to differ, at least in terms of what would be more useful in terms of analyzing unbridged divides for quite a while not to mention the seriously effective tactics of those--on both sides of the divide!

    Desperate advice for McCain.

  • We had to deal with a couple of fallen trees, one footbridge that was going to need repeair soon, one unbridged stream, and several significant mud holes, but all these obsticles were handily surmounted and Alexander thoroughly enjoyed the process.

    Good News

  • His career, then, exposes both monumental shifts in popular entertainment and a concomitant social and cultural divide that remains largely unbridged today.

    Walt's World

  • Hence, when we came to Spezzia, we found that the Magra, an unbridged river on the high-road to Pisa, was too high to be safely crossed in the

    Pictures from Italy

  • The means of communication between the French capital and our French watering-place are wholly changed since those days; but, the Channel remains unbridged as yet, and the old floundering and knocking about go on there.

    Reprinted Pieces

  • Further, there is still a deep divide between virtual worlds that work in Asia and those that work in the West; one that remains all but unbridged.

    Are we really ready for a global conversation about virtual worlds?

  • Thus the gap between reptiles and birds will remain unbridged until such time as a fossil reptile with the beginnings of feathers may be found.

    Experts in creationism trials -- Shallit be? - The Panda's Thumb


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