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  • adj. Not fortified

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  • Not fortified, in any sense.


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un- +‎ fortified


  • And with it went the rumor of reprisal -- all the English and French left behind in Constantinople, and there were a good many who had been permitted to go about their business more or less as usual, were to be collected, men, women, and children, taken down to the peninsula and distributed in the "unfortified" towns.

    Antwerp to Gallipoli A Year of the War on Many Fronts—and Behind Them

  • Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal Southwest France is probably best known as the home of Armagnac (a favorite drink of Chef Ducasse), but plenty of well-made unfortified wines are produced there as well, including this white blend of Colombard and Ugni Blanc (the grape of Armagnac).

    Alain Ducasse

  • —In 1998, a tornado hit the Davis-Besse plant in Ohio, causing significant damage to electrical distribution systems, sirens and other "unfortified" structures, according to the NRC.

    'Tornado Alley' reactor not fully twister-proof

  • This is the United States' forgotten border, where federal agents and police play cat-and-mouse with smugglers and illegal immigrants along 4,000 miles of a mostly unmarked and unfortified frontier with Canada.

    At Northern Border, Agents Fight Drug War On Ice

  • This has made it possible to ferment Zins with high grape sugar levels all the way dry, yielding heavy bodied wines with previously unheard of levels of alcohol for unfortified wines -- 16 to 17% and higher.

    Richard Jennings: Zinfandel Styles: Sublime to Ridiculous

  • But which is better for you -- the unfortified breakfast cereal made from whole grain, or the highly fortified cereal made from stripped down grains with added fiber?

    David Katz, M.D.: Public Health and the Illusion of Your Autonomy: Kill the Umpire?

  • He sees a bright future, where the Douro is big enough to produce three wines: port, vintage port and unfortified wine, with all three feeding off each other.

    A Nation Passing On the Port

  • Perversely, it is advances in technology such as the electronic lagares that have not only improved the quality of port but have also enabled port wine producers to exploit their vineyards and produce unfortified wine.

    A Nation Passing On the Port

  • Meanwhile, a slew of traditional port winemakers are branching out, producing unfortified wine alongside port.

    A Nation Passing On the Port

  • A valley that has changed very little since the mid 18th century is now embracing the modern world, fueled by Portugal's burgeoning urban middle class, who have developed a taste for the Douro's unfortified wine.

    A Nation Passing On the Port


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