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  • Not furnished; not supplied with furnishings or furniture of any kind; unsupplied; unequipped: as, an unfurnished house.

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  • adj. not equipped with what is needed especially furniture


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Existing in the original sense of “unequipped, unprepared” since 1541, with the later sense of “lacking furniture” attested since 1581: from un- ("not") + furnished, past participle of furnish ("supply, equip (especially with furniture)").


  • They were plain, ugly, square, unfurnished rooms, here a big one, and there a little one, as is usual in most houses; — unfurnished, that is, for the most part.

    Tales of all countries

  • My parents having gone, it became necessary for me to find lodgings -- which I did, "unfurnished," in the house of a Portuguese widow.

    A Labrador Doctor The Autobiography of Wilfred Thomason Grenfell

  • I had been doing this for six years, and I realized I could easily turn around five years from now and still be in the office and my apartment would still be unfurnished.

    Betting Big on Recycling

  • They meet to have anonymous, no-strings-attached sex in a mostly unfurnished, run-down apartment.

    Last Tango in Paris Actress Maria Schneider Dies at 58

  • It being plain that as a poor young man with a family I could rent no houses at all in this most undesirable region, I next looked for rooms, unfurnished rooms, in which I could store my wife and babies and chattels.


  • "We just wanted to know if there is any other cabin around here," he said, at the same time glancing over the unfurnished state of the room.


  • Once inside the grubby, unfurnished studio with no view, we discovered how paper-thin the walls were when we heard a couple beneath us engaged in a raging domestic.

    Fallin’ Up

  • A few nights later, he will stand in an unfurnished living room that smells of roasted pork chops and discuss the end of a relationship.

    Monitoring the District's troubled youth

  • Ruth rented an unfurnished apartment and filled it with Ikea furniture.

    Doing the Blitzkrieg Bop across Europe

  • And is it possible some bureaucrat official could declare that since you left a stove and/or refrigerator in your otherwise unfurnished rental that you have been cheating the government of its due taxes?

    Page 2


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