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  • adjective Without haste.


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un- +‎ hasting


  • 'unhasting' but so 'unresting'; when he read Lord Wellington's own despatches in the columns of the newspapers, documents written by

    Shirley, by Charlotte Bronte

  • The facade is thick with "the pious figures" of saints and clerics, holy men and women seen "Under the sure, unhasting, steady stress / Of Reason's movement, making meaningless".

    Ten of the best

  • Perhaps a reader has a better idea of the true manner in which events march, from Comines or Clarendon, than from all the elegance and manifold graces of Voltaire, and we sometimes feel inclined to repeat de Maistre's angry demand for that grave and unhasting dignity which is the life of history.


  • A subdued, quiet animation, an unhasting, restrained use of sensations and powers, an equilibrium of health in each separate creature — there is her very basis, her unvarying law, that is what she stands upon and holds to.

    The Diary of a Superfluous Man and other stories

  • He might have been composing a hymn to the unhasting and unresting march of that divinity.

    Night and Day, by Virginia Woolf

  • “And always, at all times life here is quiet, unhasting,” he thought;

    A House of Gentlefolk

  • Madame wrought at it like a true star, “unhasting yet unresting.”


  • Union and of many other things which are very dear to us -- I mean a policy of constructive Imperialism, and of steady, consistent, unhasting, and unresting Social Reform.

    Constructive Imperialism

  • "Lived and loved," said a dreamy tone from the hundred leaves of a spotless La Marque rose; and the steady, "unhasting, unresting" soul of Thekla looked out from that centreless flower, in true German guise of brown braided tresses, deep blue eyes like forget-me-nots, sedate lips, and a straight nose.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 02, No. 08, June 1858

  • She was always at work, unresting, unhasting, and, although weary and worn with the interminable delay, neither she nor any member of the committee left any honorable means untried in order to secure what was so vitally necessary to the very existence of this board during the exposition.

    Final Report of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Commission


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  • For henceforth, it depends nearly altogether on yourself: if you can but learn the lessons which Experience will teach you, it matters little whether these be of a sweet or bitter nature: the bitter as well as the sweet are but the rind enclosing a fruit of Wisdom, which is in itself celestial and perennial. Diligence, unwearied steadfast Endeavour; ‘like the stars, unhasting, unresting’!2 This is the sceptre with which man rules his Destiny; and tho' fragile as a reed, removes mountains, spiritual as well as physical. I need not remind you here that such Diligence as will avail is not of book-studies alone; but primarily, and in a far higher degree respects the heart and moral dispositions. He who loves Truth, knows it to be priceless, and cleaves to it thro' all shapes, in thought, word, and deed, as to the life of his soul.

    2. Carlyle recalls a phrase from Goethe.

    From Thomas Carlyle's letter to Henry Inglis, Craigenputtoch, 31st March, 1829.

    March 16, 2010