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  • adj. Weird, uncanny.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Borrowing from German unheimlich.


  • The German term unheimlich (literally "un-home-like") seems apt here.

    Archive 2006-07-01

  • Some people are amused that I use phrases like "unheimlich" and "belly fire" in my music reviews.

    lazarus Diary Entry

  • He contended that the link between the German words for “uncanny” (unheimlich) and “familiar” (heimlich) suggests an inner connection between the two.


  • In German, however, unheimlich (uncanny) stands opposite to heimlich (familiar; belonging to the house, homey).


  • It's an unthreatening simulacrum of dark passion in which everything wild and unheimlich about sexual obsession, murder, disfigurement and – my personal favourite – Dostoyevskian self-loathing is benumbed with unremittingly sweet tunes many of which, according to Kit and the Widow's turn at August's Comedy Prom, Lloyd Webber recycled from older, better composers.

    I don't know how to love him (the Phantom of the Opera, that is)

  • It ' s the interaction between Miles, who gleefully delights in being a " bad boy, " and the governess, who only wants to save his soul, that underpins the play and contributes most to the feeling of unheimlich, where something is strange because it is too familiar, and in this case, a public manifestation of something to be kept secret.

    A Haunting Tale by Candlelight

  • But even if there is no explicit postulation of affect, the term deeply implies a negative reaction in its connotations, its associations with the other-worldly, the unnatural, the eery, the eldritch, the unheimlich.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • The unheimlich, by contrast, are those moments where this symbolic skein breaks down either through the appearance of some Thing that fits in none of these categories, or that paradoxically twists the categories...

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • I've argued in those strange fiction posts that tragic and comic narratives are companions to strange fiction in so far as they exploit the unheimlich and the absurd (building to crises of horror or hilarity) the way strange fiction exploits the incredible.

    More Aesthetics

  • In einer Welt wo alle Übeltaten online archiviert werden und Fehltritte von Suchmaschinen leicht vor dem eigenen Webauftritt gelistet werden können ist es unheimlich wichtig seine Integrität zu schützen und eine halbwegs weiße Weste zu bewahren.

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