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  • adj. Being the transmission of messages to a single destination host on a packet switching network.
  • v. To transmit in this manner.


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uni- and broadcast


  • This ability to make multiple copies of a packet is called multicast, and it occupies territory between broadcasts, which go to everyone, and regular communications called unicast, which go to only one recipient.

    Ars Technica

  • Broadcast network: one to all - Multicast network: one to many - Point-to-point (also called unicast) network: one to one 12

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  • This mechanism is known as unicast flood protection.

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  • Broadcasters have been emphasizing to the FCC that broadcasting is still the most efficient way to deliver live video to a large audience, as using wireless broadband "unicast" connections to stream live video to cellphones would hog bandwidth and eventually crash cellular networks.

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  • Samsung VP John Godfrey said he believes the FCC is "taking a comprehensive look" at the overall spectrum picture, and that the commission understands the different bandwidth considerations involved in sending video through "unicast," or one-to-one, distribution systems such as wireless broadband, and "multicast," or one-to-many, systems like mobile DTV.

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  • The networks are also designed to be "unicast," which means signals are transmitted between a single sender and a single receiver.


  • The rising complexity of scalability, multiple formats, multiple delivery options, such as unicast streaming, multicast streaming, and on-demand video distribution at various bit rates, are driving the market to choose specialized solutions from the market.


  • Unlike traditional "unicast" servers that send streams directly to each listener / viewer - each Abacast listener / viewer redirects the stream to one or more downstream listener / viewers using idle upstream bandwidth based on direction from the Abacast server.

    GigaOM Daily

  • Today’s 3G networks are predominately unicast, meaning that if subscribers want to see something on their handsets, the content is delivered point-to-point between a content/ad server and the individual handset.

    Growing Influence of Mobile TV | Impact Lab

  • MONACO, Cote d'Azur -- Television broadcasting is slowly but inevitably moving to a unicast model, where consumers get the programming they want.

    Andy Plesser: Madison Avenue Seeking the "Holy Grail" in Addressable TV, Partners with MSO's


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