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  • adj. Having multiple targets, such that a call to the delegate triggers a call to each target.
  • n. The simultaneous transmission of data to several destinations on a network.


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multiple broadcast


  • This ability to make multiple copies of a packet is called multicast, and it occupies territory between broadcasts, which go to everyone, and regular communications called unicast, which go to only one recipient.

    Ars Technica

  • Netlink socket supports multicast, which is another benefit over system calls, ioctls and proc.

    Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community

  • And more than half plan to use part of the digital spectrum to "multicast" additional programs and services at least part of the day.

    Bracing for the end of analog TV

  • Thanks to the unwillingness of most ISPs to deploy technologies such as multicast, anycast and IP version 6 (IPv6), among numerous others, consumers are left with second rate solutions that fail to address their fundamental problems.

    The Inquirer

  • For the core network provider, this suggests the need for increased capacity and more efficient use of capacity through mechanisms such as multicast and caching.


  • It allows you to "multicast" a packet to subscribers, and they call will be sent it, but each packet only travels once down any given internet pipe, even if there are several receivers waiting for it at the end of that pipe, or other pipes branched off that pipe.

    Brad Ideas - Comments

  • They will absolutely use the dispute in lobbying Congress and the Federal Communications Commission to force cable systems to carry their stations, particularly "multicast" services programmed in the capacity created by digital broadcasting.

    B&C - Advertising News

  • The new service includes a "multicast" feature, which broadcasts trading data to servers and matching engines simultaneously.

    WallStreetAndTech - All Stories

  • It receives AM/FM and HD radio stations as well as sideband "multicast" channels.

    TWICE - Digital Imaging News

  • To send a single stream of data to many computers, networks have to "multicast," sending out multiple copies of a single input signal carried by an optical fiber.

    Scientific Blogging


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