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  • adj. Not knowledgeable or skilled; inexperienced.
  • n. An uninformed, unskilled, or inexperienced person or group of people. Often used with the: "What's the difference, the uninitiated may ask, between eggshell white and wedding gown white?” ( Wall Street Journal).

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  • adj. Not having been initiated.
  • adj. Of a person, not having the special knowledge of a particular group.

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  • adj. not initiated; deficient in relevant experience


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un- +‎ initiated


  • Twitter, for the uninitiated, is like being given an invitation to one of the ‘popular peoples parties’, you arriving alone and unsure and then wandering about desperate to fit in and not look like a loser.

    Twitter for Writers « Write Anything

  • If these are layoffs that bodes ill (the difference for the uninitiated is that when you fire, you get rid of a person but not the position – when you lay off, you get rid of the position).

    Wizards Layoffs « Geek Related

  • So, a post from today shows off someone's recent cutting, healing nicely ( "cutting" for the uninitiated is removing thin strips of the upper layers of skin in a pattern or design, leaving a scar as it heals).

    R.I.P. Liz Claiborne

  • It also wants to convince them that the use of bidet sprays, while odd and intimidating to the uninitiated, is more hygienic and pleasant than using toilet paper.

    People Want the High-Tech Toliet | Impact Lab

  • For the benefit of the uninitiated I may add that the French word _je_ is pronounced "mwor," thus supplying the missing rhyme.

    Marge Askinforit

  • And "HMU", for the uninitiated, is short for 'hit me up'.

    The Guardian World News

  • Vore, for the uninitiated, is short for vorarephilia, which involves fantasies about being eaten or eating.

    Chicago Reader

  • (A Fobbit, for the uninitiated, is a soldier/marine/airman/sailor who doesn’t go off his or her base.

    Welcome Back | ATTACKERMAN

  • For the uninitiated, that is the local word for guys who build things.

    The blooming of Tzurumutaro

  • For the uninitiated, that is basically Japanese anime style cartoons that are basically hardcore porn, sometimes involving the most surreal thing known as 'tentacle rape' whereby strange monsters with, you've guessed it, tentacles force themselves upon a character, however I digress.

    The "dangerous territory" of legislating aesthetics


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