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  • adj. Not intimidated

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  • adj. not shrinking from danger


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  • The now-rote hysteria with which non-Israeli criticism of Israel is met -- most recently dismayingly effective in quashing Chas Freeman as President Obama's nominee to chair the National Intelligence Council -- has a considerable and ignoble record of stifling opinion and preventing unintimidated, meaningful discussion, in the cultural sphere as well as in the political.

  • He was a pretty big guy, who would make a point of approaching any crowd of rowdies, who would generally demonstrate their rowdiness by what was then called ‘mopery’, which basically meant being publicly unintimidated.

    Matthew Yglesias » What if Bernanke Isn’t Reconfirmed

  • He is also mad, measurably so, but saner than all others, with the best sanity, the only sanity worth bothering about — the living, creative, vulnerable, valorous, unintimidated, and arrogant sanity of a free man.

    January « 2010 « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground

  • They're unintimidated by higher levels of accomplishment, since anyone can do it, since Guided by Voices are as "well known" as Slint and as Spoon and as Team Dresch and as . . .

    Portland Music Listener [Card #5: The Heirophant] (WORK-IN-PROGRESS)

  • Wearing a tie but no jacket, Sawyer appeared unintimidated by the Rayburn Building's high-ceilinged chamber.

    After prison, building a new life means more than just doing right

  • And—for the true carnivores among us—why was no place found for steak tartar raw shaved beef with a garnish of egg, onion, capers and, sometimes, caviar, a staple in most of Europe and still featured in American restaurants unintimidated by the health-food crazies?

    Classics Made New

  • That sentiment seems to express distrust of Americans, intimidation by the still unintimidated Taliban, and President Karzai's personal, on the spot vow that the citizens would not be subject to the planned indignities.

    Michael Brenner: America's Stranded Armies

  • -- Controlling types can be handled by acting unintimidated.

    Deepak Chopra: How to Deal With Difficult (Even Impossible) People

  • That these men met with such impunity sent a very clear message to Tel Aviv: we are unintimidated and unaffected by whatever stick you are waving over us.

    Patrick Galey: Nasrallah and Ahmadinejad's Banquet of Defiance

  • Isn't McCain the guy who fancies himself a "maverick", someone willing to go against the grain of Republican orthodoxy, unintimidated by the majority of arch-conservatives who have routinely tried to banish him from the fold?

    Bob Franken: The (Right) Stuff of Dreams


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