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  • adj. Yet to be altered, carved, milled, worked, or otherwise changed from its natural or crude state.
  • adj. Describing an unaltered material found associated with human tool-making or other cultural activity.


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un- +‎ worked


  • We found some "unworked" workbooks for the kids at the thrift store and bought them for school.

    Archive 2007-03-01

  • Bulletin Board: Interactive, live communication tool allows lenders to view and recover 'unworked' leads, maximizing any company's lead generation efforts.


  • My Mexican counterparts many times sit on unworked fertile land because they simply cannot get the capital to develop it.

    [CanMex] Another Inequity for Mexico

  • I can recommend the pilates for getting the old and unworked bodies (46 and rising) back into some flexibility, which allows me to do the other things I want to do.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Burger lite.

  • In the entire land, it is hard to find tillable land that is not already tilled; only sandy fields or stony hills, suitable at best for planting trees or vines and, even that after considerable work and expense in clearing and preparing them - only these remain unworked.

    Matthew Yglesias » Gaza and Just War

  • In the woods atop old hazels under a thinning canopy of ash, along the lime avenue where high branches spread into the crowns, in gardens where hawthorns overhang the unworked edges? here are the robins.

    Country diary: Wenlock Edge

  • Buoyed by record gold prices, the developers had hoped to mine up to five tonnes of gold worth around £110m, and a further 20 tonnes of silver, from an unworked mine at Cononish near Tyndrum in the north-eastern corner of the park.

    Scottish gold mine turned down at Loch Lochmond

  • With gold prices soaring, the mining company Scotgold wants to dig out 700kg of gold and 17 tonnes of silver a year over the next decade from an unworked mine called Cononish, which sits near Tyndrum, just inside the north-eastern boundary of the national park.

    Scottish gold mine in doubt

  • It also shows one of Neel's greatest artistic strengths; she has left most of the canvas unworked.

    Alice Neel Retrospective Exposes Life's Truths

  • This is to say that the 1811 version, although like all three versions it contains only one book on the "past," is the complete work that Schelling later unworked, because each period contains "the whole of time" (82).

    'The Abyss of the Past': Psychoanalysis in Schelling's Ages of the World (1815)


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