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  • n. Any of a group of micaceous hydrated silicate minerals related to the chlorites and used in heat-expanded form as insulation and as a planting medium.

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  • n. A hydrated silicate mineral which expands on heating; it is used in insulation and as a medium for planting

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  • n. A group of minerals having, a micaceous structure. They are hydrous silicates, derived generally from the alteration of some kind of mica. So called because the scales, when heated, open out into wormlike forms.

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  • n. In mineralogy, one of a group of hydrous silicates having a micaceous structure, and in most cases derived from the common micas by alteration.

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  • n. any of a group of yellow or brown hydrous silicate minerals having a micaceous structure


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Latin vermiculus, diminutive of vermis, worm; see vermicular + -ite1.

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Latin vermiculus, wormlet for its fibrous nature and tendency to expand into worm-like shapes when heated


  • The name vermiculite was created from the Latin word for worm, vermiculus.


  • This year it is to be micro-plants, grown in vermiculite.

    Jean's Knitting

  • I need some stuff called vermiculite to condition the soil so that the roots grow well.

    Photo Collage

  • Some lightweight mineral and rock materials, such as vermiculite, diatomite and perlite are similar to micas and can be used in place of mica.


  • If seeds must be shipped over long distances, it may be possible to prolong viability somewhat by packing them in a moist, well-aerated medium, such as vermiculite or sawdust, in a perforated plastic bag inside an air-porous bag.

    Chapter 5

  • A: Most potting soil or seed-starting media that you purchase in a garden center is pasteurized and contains inert material, such as vermiculite or perlite, which is sterile.

    Homepage | INFORUM | Fargo, ND

  • Instead of tilling the dirt and pumping in fertilizer, you build a big box, put a liner on the bottom, and fill it with a mixture of peat moss, vermiculite and compost.

    Boing Boing

  • As for the interior finishing touch and for adding surface strength, synthetic resin with vermiculite material sprayed directly on the urethane form surface was the choice.

    Shell Villa by ARTechnic Architects

  • Repotting, we tore the roots apart, vermiculite clinging like hatchlings of silverfish to its tendrils.

    Winter’s Tale

  • About half the material was "non-fibrous" including polystyrene foam, vermiculite mineral, combustion product carbon soot, mineral dust of gypsum, calcite, dolomite and quartz.

    September 11 Toxic Dust: Deciphering My Pocketful Of Terror


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