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  • adj. Of or relating to only one sex.
  • adj. Having only one type of sexual organ; not a hermaphrodite.
  • adj. Botany Having either stamens or pistils but not both.
  • adj. Unisex.

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  • adj. Of an organism, having characteristics of single sex (as opposed to hermaphrodites).

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Having one sex only, as plants which have the male and female flowers on separate individuals, or animals in which the sexes are in separate individuals; diœcious; -- distinguished from bisexual, or hermaphrodite. See diœcious.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Of one sex—that is, having the two sexes developed in different individuals. For or consisting of a single sex.
  • Specifically, in entomology, having only female individuals: noting the agamic broods of Aphididæ and some other insects which, during certain parts of the year, continue to propagate the species without any males. See parthenogenesis.
  • In botany, said of a flower containing the organs of but one sex, stamens or pistil, but not both; diclinous: opposed to bisexual or hermaphrodite; monœcious or diœcious. It is also applicable to an inflorescence or a plant with such flowers only.

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  • adj. relating to only one sex or having only one type of sexual organ; not hermaphroditic


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  • Flowers in Uncinia are unisexual, that is male and female reproductive structures are on separate flowers.

    Museum Blogs

  • The stupidity of this debate is part of the reason I am a unisexual.

    Frank slams Obama for 'big mistake' on Defense of Marriage Act (updated)

  • The ancestral state in other characters is equivocal: e.g., bisexual vs. unisexual flowers, whorled vs. spiral floral phyllotaxis, presence vs. absence of tepal differentiation, anatropous vs. orthotropous ovules.

    A Disclaimer for Behe?

  • To hammer the point home, he provided an equation and summed up, “There are no living beings that can bluntly be described as being unisexual and of one definite sex.”


  • In the text books they call it parthenogenetic unisexual pseudocopulation, or uniparens (one parent).

    Autotomous Penes & Endless War

  • Wealthier widows received a regular allowance from their families abroad and lived in well-appointed rooms, some even adopting “sons” from the Sephardic community who would care for their needs and ease their solitude; however, most of the women were not rich, and they created a unique female (unisexual) community.

    Old Yishuv: Palestine at the End of the Ottoman Period.

  • She sounds like the unisexual mating of Dinah Washington and Janis Joplin.

    Trey Ellis: Obama/McCain: Kennedy/Nixon or Eisenhower/Stevenson?

  • Exceptions exist, of course, and in our time, with the disordered, unisexual-masculine influences of modern "culture," and the vices prevalent therein, many girls sadly are tempted easily by the flesh.

    Modesty as a Duty to the Trinity

  • Academically, students are comfortably unisexual; they revert to dual sexuality only for the sex act.


  • Monoecious Flowers unisexual; the males and females on the same plant.

    Chapter 9


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