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  • adj. Not kissed, not having been kissed by someone.
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of unkiss.


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  • Eventually he puttered off and I continued to the Taj Mahal, unkissed and happy.

    Traveling in India: Kisses at the Taj Mahal « Colleen Anderson

  • He knew her feet had been born to easy paths and sunny lands, strangers to the moccasined pain of the North, unkissed by the chill lips of the frost, and he watched and marveled at them twinkling ever through the weary day.


  •     When two people say Goodbye in a parked Jeep Grand Cherokee on a star-freckled January night, and the air-conditioned air is thick with kisses unkissed, and his index finger gently strokes her goosepimpled knee and he turns off the air conditioner without a word, goodbye suddenly becomes Goodbye-with-a-captial-G, and to say it means they will miss each other.

    Is This Something?

  • Maybe that unkissed kiss was the gift you gave me, waiting there in the space between us — not given, not taken.


  • This was the trouble he brought on himself for insisting on unkissed lips.

    The Lady Matador’s Hotel

  • It sometimes happens that when some ancient lips are presented I would fain pass them by unkissed, but when I start in I have to take it as it comes.


  • Surprisingly has an unkissed 47 year old woman from Blackburn become a megastar worldwide.

    Unkissed talent makes web success.

  • Better were men, strangers, unkissed, undressed, and handled with emotion left in the discarded clothes.

    Bi « First 50 Words – Writing Prompts

  • Then she plucked his seal-ring from his finger, and put it on her own instead of the ring he had taken, and bussed his inner lips and hands, nor did she leave any part of him unkissed; after which she took him to her breast and embraced him and, laying one of her hands under his neck and the other under his arm-pit, nestled close to him and fell asleep by his side. —

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • Ten years ago, my lips were as yet unkissed by yours.

    wendchymes Diary Entry


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