from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A device for drawing corks from bottles, consisting of a pointed metal spiral attached to a handle.
  • adj. Spiral in shape.
  • transitive v. To move or cause to move in a spiral or winding course.

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  • n. An implement for opening bottles that are sealed by a cork. Sometimes specifically such an implement that includes a screw-shaped part, or worm.
  • n. The screw-shaped worm of a typical corkscrew.
  • n. A type of sharp, twisting punch, often one thrown close and from the side.
  • n. A type of inversion used in roller coasters.
  • adj. Having the tightly winding shape of a corkscrew.
  • v. To wind or twist in the manner of a corkscrew; to move with much horizontal and vertical shifting.
  • v. To cause something to twist or move in a spiral path or shape.
  • v. To extract information or consent from someone.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. shaped like a corkscrew; spiral; helical.
  • n. An instrument with a screw or a steel spiral for drawing corks from bottles.
  • transitive v. To press forward in a winding way.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A tool consisting of a helicoidal piece or “screw” of steel, with a sharp point and a transverse handle, used to draw corks from bottles.
  • Having the form of a corkscrew; spiral: as, a corkscrew curl.
  • To cause to move like a corkscrew; direct or follow out in a spiral or twisting way.
  • n. A geared logging-locomotive.

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  • n. a bottle opener that pulls corks
  • v. move in a spiral or zigzag course


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From cork +‎ screw


  • "It's what we call a corkscrew lie down here," I explained.

    The Holiday Round

  • If you want to splurge on a handsome gift, a corkscrew is a stately way to go.

    A Year of Wine

  • Tirabuzón is a word for corkscrew, which is sort of what Fernando's Sunday pitch, his screwball, looks like to National Baseball League batters as it twists and dips.

    The Music of Mexico

  • They stay at a relatively high altitude, then bank hard and come down in what's called a corkscrew landing.

    Corkscrew Over Baghdad

  • A corkscrew is a familiar illustration of the screw.

    General Science

  • The thing which might have been mistaken for a tricycle turned upside-down was the inexpressibly important instrument to which the corkscrew was the key.

    The Ball and the Cross

  • Ballyvaughan called the corkscrew (you can guess why) and drove and drove and drove, and then Car 1 turned around, and we followed and Car 3 followed us. TravelStream? ? Recent Entries at

  • But not nearly as clever as my corkscrew, which is a machete.

    Starpulse Entertainment News

  • The pleasure starts with buying a fine object; the whole retail experience is superior if the corkscrew is a luxury product.


  • The midwife was able to use something called a corkscrew maneuver (exactly what it wounds like) to get him out and begin oxygen.

    HS Blog - Homeschool Blog


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