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  • adj. Not living; unalive, dead, inanimate.


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un- +‎ living


  • None of the zombie movies ever mentioned the revolting fact, that the first task on the to-do list of the newly unliving is the Voiding of the Bowel.

    Zombies Calling

  • Poor people accepted him, gave him stout, onions and cheese and waited for a story, but he had no interesting stories, only the dull stories of his epidermal history lessons scrounged from the world of trade, of shrewd moneymaking hollow men and the unliving trickle of coins and gold.

    The Soul of Yeats « Unknowing

  • Why should we have empathy for this unliving machine:

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • She is in the presence of her divinity, this two legged human insect, begging for an end to her unliving.

    God Dont Spare My Life -Give Me Death « bollywoods most wanted photographerno1

  • I've mentioned before that the visceral punch of "Chickamauga" has influenced my conception of vampires; their paleness and everything else about them that indicates their unliving state should be a reminder that they've died and blasphemously risen from the grave, and that these have been horrible, eternally traumatizing experiences for them.

    Archive 2010-05-23

  • "Tell Me Like You Done Before" offers similar treatment to John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men, following the ending where Lenny dies at George's hands; George wanders the ranches of Salinas, evading the unliving embodiment of guilt for his terrible crime.

    In Which I Am "One of Dark Fiction's Most Versatile Authors"

  • I'm not sure what connection that bill collectors have with the unliving but it is obviously a strong one.

    Don McNay: Bill Collectors communicating with the dead

  • Superman Returns had some truly egregious scenes of a CGI mannequin of Brandon Routh flying over Metropolis: It looked perfect and plastic and unliving.

    Incredible, enough...

  • But even so, Kellen had to batter the stone body against the wall of the pocket canyon to loosen its unliving grip from his flesh.

    Tran Siberian

  • But the realization of the utter contempt in which Lycaelon held him was a sharp new blow, more painful than any bone-bruise given by unliving stone golems ever could be.

    Tran Siberian


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