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  • adj. Not moored.


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  • The word unmoored comes to mind, right before I start thinking of all the pop songs about everything and everyone being all right.

    Occupational Hazards

  • The final showdown, like many other dramatic moments in the novel, recalls similar scenes in countless adventure novels; and Parris's dialogue - courtly one moment and modern the next - often seems unmoored from the novel's era ...

    Heresy: Summary and book reviews of Heresy by S.J. Parris.

  • Media figures seemingly unmoored from the moderating influence of superego, revealing cheerily oblivious chauvinism (Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann) and impressively mettlesome candor about gender bias (Couric, Campbell Brown).

    AJ Rossmiller: Brilliant New Book About Gender and 2008 Election

  • Urso: completely unmoored from the actual text and context of heremail.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Some Scientists’ Openness to the Possibility of Genetic Differences in Mental Traits Among Racial and Ethnic Groups

  • Some find themselves utterly transformed by their longing for each other, and they dwell in a sort of blissful paradox, imprisoned, yet unmoored from the structure of their outside lives, so that their mutual captivity becomes a new kind of freedom.

    Best of 2009

  • The new generation, raised on TV and the personal computer but deprived of a solid primary education, has become unmoored from the mother ship of culture ...

    Literary Study

  • Since Paglia herself has been among the most vocal champions of "popular culture" among academics and intellectuals, the essay can almost be read as a kind of apology for her own excesses in encouraging us to "become unmoored from the mother ship of culture," or at least as an expression of second thoughts about her own possible collusion with the powers that be in the academy in "subverting" literature and the fine arts.

    Literary Study

  • We've simply never seen someone so completely unmoored from the normal requirements of national office before.

    Transition: How Obama is Building a Government - Swampland -

  • The critical distinction I wanted to make here seemed, to me, productive: Romantic psychiatry needed to be historical and cultural, whereas Romantic psychoanalysis, unmoored from the materialisms of psychiatry's early history, needed to be theoretical.


  • She has a guarded enthusiasm for MFA programs; the book, in part, is a criticism of where some of the MFA program culture has gone astray, as if some writing workshops have become unmoored from the literary masterpieces that inspired them.

    Reading and Writing


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