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  • Incapable of being named; indescribable. Also unnameable.

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  • adjective Alternative spelling of unnameable.


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  • The evening's playbill recorded the Creature in the dramatis personae as "------ by Mr.T. Cooke," which, Shelley says in a Sept. 9 letter to Leigh Hunt, "amused [her] exceedingly ... this nameless way of naming the unnamable is rather good" (378).

    Mocking Stupendous Mechanisms: Romantic Parody and Frankenstein's Dream

  • If you just gloss through Lovecraft's stories it seems incredibly silly that someone's raving about the "unnamable" atrocity that he saw, that isn't there any more, and doesn't seem especially threatening.

    YAFQ: Giant Squid?

  • About my artwork painting uncertainty, "unnamable", dissolving the terrible materiality of the world surface

    Museum Blogs

  • There never was one -- any more than the Lion's Head, the longboat, or the bearings unnamable. '


  • And there's the hint of unnamable filth from the scattered sewers that run along the roads, open to the air.

    Nathan Schneider: The Kabul Scarf: A New Year Reflection On The War In Afghanistan

  • Again that unnamable and unmistakable terror was in her eyes, and she said, almost in a whisper, “You are Lucifer.”

    Chapter 26

  • The latitude and longitude are mine, and the bearings from the oak ribs on the shoal to Lion's Head, and the cross-bearings from the points unnamable, I only know.


  • But I bought drinks for others, most carefully selected -- bought drinks with an air of prosperity that was as a credential to my story; and in my cups (my apparent cups, steward), spun an old man's yarn of the Wide Awake, the longboat, the bearings unnamable, and the treasure under the sand.


  • And I saw it go under the sand, a fathom under the sand, on cross-bearings unnamable, where the mangroves fade away, and the coconuts grow, and the rise of land lifts from the beach to the


  • But I saw it coming, the whole damnable, unnamable awfulness of it; but I refused to think about the future.

    The Sheriff of Kona


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