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  • adv. In an unnatural manner

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In an unnatural manner; in opposition to natural feelings and sentiments.

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  • adv. not according to nature; not by natural means
  • adv. in a manner at variance with what is natural or normal
  • adv. in an unnatural way


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  • The sandwich (by itself an obscenity), slathered in unnaturally ultra-white mayonnaise, is floating in the air directly across from the disturbingly pale profile of a young, gape-mouthed woman who looks frightened to death of the manly meat.

    Global Voices in English » Singapore: Infamous Burger King ad

  • When she looked at him fully, his expression seemed unnaturally somber.

    The Second Time

  • And I think what happens is that orphanage kids and I think, by the way, they develop great strengths, too - but I think that they begin to feel a little bit, you know, they lose a little bit of that lose a little bit of their childhood that way in that they feel kind of unnaturally responsible for their own survival at a very early age.

    Scott Simon's Family: 'In Praise Of Adoption'

  • Saber-rattling Western trade negotiators frequently focus their attention on the "unnaturally" depressed exchange rates of countries such as China, and this is a component of the structural advantage to which I refer.

    Globalization's Critical Imbalances

  • The state Department of Game and Inland Fisheries says the ban is intended to curb the negative consequences of feeding deer, such as unnaturally increasing population numbers.

    Va. to ban feeding of deer through January

  • But realize that you're adding it to make food taste "unnaturally" good.

    Make Reverse-Engineered KFC At Home | Lifehacker Australia

  • As would presuming its inventor would be so inept as to require special levers and hidden cranks to "unnaturally" make the invention work.

    A Message About ID

  • So economics does play a role, but there are other factors as well, that are skewing things "unnaturally".

    The Dreams of Workers

  • Using the church's own logic you have to conclude that people are being kept alive "unnaturally" by technology because it denies them the right to a "natural" death.

    Master of His Own Fate

  • The bumptious king adores Becket - perhaps "unnaturally" so, according to his scolding mother - and trusts him without reservation.

    Review of DVD for 1964 film Becket


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  • I rang a bell and a large soft man oozed out from behind a wall and smiled at me with moist soft lips and bluish-white teeth and unnaturally bright eyes.

    --Raymond Chandler, 1949, The Little Sister, chapter 34

    September 5, 2009