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  • adj. Not obscured


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  • Thanks to the internet we can see the true face of religious conservatism in this country, unobscured by media editing.

    Matthew Yglesias » Did Haiti Form a Pact With the Devil?

  • “They remained undiminished and unobscured, as sharp and hard as any event of his waking life.”

    Henry’s Demons

  • As they backtracked along the trail and began the far more difficult ascent, Bonnie was overwhelmed with wonder and with gratitude that she had been able to experience the embrace of the clouds, but that the changeable weather had held off until she had filled her senses with the whole, illuminated, unobscured landscape.

    The Aloha Quilt

  • The ears are almost non-existent, but the eyes are unobscured, allowing Jackie to emote effectively.

    Nightmare On Elm Street |

  • The ears are almost nonexistent, but the eyes are unobscured, allowing Jackie to emote effectively.

    On The Set: Nightmare On Elm Street |

  • This does seem to be a rather common trait on the Japanese internet, as more often than not there are no names and no unobscured faces adorning the average blog.

    Do you look like your avatar?

  • Reporters began shouting questions, photographers snapped photos, and cameramen jostled everyone in an attempt to get more than one second of unobscured footage.

    Vince Flynn Collectors’ Edition #2

  • Instantly he was falling through clear air, unobscured by clouds, only the moon was out on this side of the world, and glowing fatly in the evening sky.

    Blood Ninja II

  • Clipping or shaving the coat on a foal so it has the sleek look of an adult instead of the foal fuzzies this also allows the whole body to be seen unobscured.

    BOOK VIEW CAFE BLOG » How to Groom a Horse

  • In this realization of no separate self, the Supreme Reality which you Are shines unobscured in all things, as all things, and beyond all things.

    Flower Heads and Grain


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