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  • adj. Not able to be obtained, acquired or reached.

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  • adj. not capable of being obtained


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  • The point he was making was that imagination plays a greater part in sexual temptation than flagrantly exposed flesh: the apparently unobtainable is more enticing than what is freely proffered.

    Islam and imagination « Anglican Samizdat

  • Manuscripts described as unobtainable by collectors may be found together with more ordinary books.


  • [Aurora - the term originated based on the word "unobtainable", because that is the prerequisite characteristic of an element that is being discussed by scientists when that element is still only hypothetical ... becasue it has never been "obtained" yet.]

    Cool Stuff: Unobtanium T-Shirt | /Film

  • I can see the "ambitions and fantasies strong enough to brush aside the doubts," thing, but not the "unobtainable" bit.

    Rejection, Where is Thy Sting?

  • If any such product prompts me to consider a purchase I defer to interweb suppliers, safe in the knowledge that any such purchase will inevitably be 'unobtainable'.

    Breaking the Duck: Coming to Terms with Cycling

  • And others achieved all they had ever dreamed, and then uselessly set more "unobtainable" goals for themselves, guaranteed to put a strain on the fuel pump, just to avoid the false dilemma of stagnation.

    An East Wind Coming

  • Oncologists said 100 of 260 cancer patients at Gaza's largest hospital are unable to receive effective treatment because the required combination of several medicines is unobtainable.

    Jan McGirk: Any Gauze in Gaza? Supply Shortages Add to Medical Misery Inside Strip

  • In a CBS News television interview Tuesday, the president responded to McConnell's statement that a solution to the nation's deficit spending problems was unobtainable with Obama in the White House.

    Tensions Flare During White House Debt Talks

  • In a CBS News television interview on Tuesday, President Obama had this response to McConnell's statement the day before that a solution to the nation's fiscal mess was unobtainable with Mr. Obama in the White House.

    Obama, Lawmakers Hold Round Four of Debt Talks

  • Or is perhaps the wedding industry establishing an accepted template for fairytale-style happiness and perfection, which is actually unobtainable, eclipsing the actual occasion making it less about the couple and their very real unique relationship.

    Bill Liao: Are Weddings About the Glitz or the Actual Union of Two Souls?


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