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  • adj. That cannot be explained; inexplicable

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  • adj. not to be accounted for or explained


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ explainable


  • Many people have relegated this subject to the area of the ridiculous but certain unexplainable facts remain and a carefully screened net owes much to the testimony of Canadians.

    No title provided.

  • Her magical appearances always made him feel trapped in a fairy tale where the unexplainable was the order of the day.

    Web of the Romulans

  • He added that it was "unexplainable" that thousands of prisoners escaped from prisons over the weekend.

    Looters included undercover Egyptian police, hospitals tell Human Rights Watch

  • In Nascar, he claims that officials throw "unexplainable" caution flags to allow favored drivers to catch up.

    To the Winner Go the Spoils

  • Zuma called the delay in announcing the results "unexplainable," and said "it cannot be supported."

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Once again there is an "unexplainable" and a highly improbable descrepancy between exit polling and balloting.

    Princeton University Reveals How the GOP Steals Election

  • But we can put just about anything into math now a days (my friend has found god in numbers, numbers that confuse me, but he will try to explain when he has it all written down) and we can explain the "unexplainable".

    misssio Diary Entry

  • THE WEIRD STORY owes its interest to the innate love of the supernatural or unexplainable which is a part of our complex human nature -- the same feeling which prompts a group of children to beg for

    Short Story Writing A Practical Treatise on the Art of The Short Story

  • It is this minimal version of their proof that I have always had in mind - and independently found - when I argued that the "unexplainable" probabilistic interpretation of quantum mechanics is both necessary and sufficient to preserve special relativity.

    The Reference Frame

  • There is no "unexplainable" phenomenon between the brain-mind connection. top stories


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