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  • v. Past participle of unpack
  • adj. Having had its packing removed.
  • adj. Not yet packed.


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un- +‎ packed


  • For example, the genius-mind will seek to use the most precise descriptive word or phrase Class:…, which is shorthand for an entire system of smaller ideas; while the common-mind will need to have the term unpacked which takes time.

    Archive 2010-07-01

  • Then I unpacked from the trip and immediately started a month long house search.

    People are beginning to notice...

  • Colin unpacked the cabin trunk and dressing bag and arranged things so far as he could understand his wife's dainty toilet equipments, and his mistakes made them laugh and got them over the first awkwardness of close quarter.

    Lady Bridget in the Never-Never Land

  • It sounds like an error to me; that is, the required meaning is un-unpacked, which is unsayable, and the performance system lights on 'unpacked' conatining a morpheme 'un-' = 'not yet' and thinks 'good enough, I'll use that.' STILL UNPACKED.

  • So I appreciated the way Rip It Up and Start Again unpacked the connection.

    Ballardian » The 032c Interview: Simon Reynolds on Ballard, part 2

  • In other words, the lion’s share of today’s marketing and promo budgets in publishing go to household names … who are already household names and have fans waiting out there at midnight launching parties with money in hand ready to buy the next hot novel as soon as it is unpacked from the shipping boxes.

    What then should we do…? at SF Novelists

  • It showcases and stores one of the world’s finest collections of glass — 5,000 pieces spanning 4,000 years of glassmaking — painstakingly packed, moved, and unpacked from the vaults across the street.

    August 2006

  • I unpacked, which is to say, hung up my one suit, slightly crumpled from the squashy satchel, and then went to work again on the telephone.

    In The Frame

  • Landed, and all safe at last! our much-abused, lock-broken, unhinged portmanteau unpacked and laid ignobly to rest under the household eaves!

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 07, No. 40, February, 1861

  • I think this issue needs a little time to be "unpacked" though so I'm not sure about any immediate impact on polls.

    Hillary Camp Hits Obama Over Private Assertion To Teamsters


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