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  • adj. Not having been ravaged.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ ravaged


  • In fact, Kandy has remained seedily quaint, its monuments and ambience unravaged by mass tourism, only because Sri Lanka has experienced more than a quarter century of civil war between ethnic Sinhalese Buddhists and Hindu Tamils.

    Buddha’s Savage Peace

  • It was that of a beautiful and pious young woman, unravaged by care or illness.

    The Tudors: King Takes Queen

  • Post-WW II, "capitalism was fully consolidated, particularly within the United States, the most advanced capitalist economy," and for some years thereafter the only healthy major one unravaged by the war.

    Systemic Failure: Capitalism "Lays an Egg"

  • Ever, O king, be thy locks unshorn, ever unravaged; for so is it right.

    The Argonautica

  • And since we may come into districts as yet unravaged where we may find growing corn, we ought to take handmills for grinding: these are the lightest machines for the purpose.


  • "If the Khamorth gain mastery of the city, though, they will leave no home unravaged."

    Bridge of the Separator

  • These obscene harpies, who deck themselves, in I know not what divine attributes, but who in reality are foul and ravenous birds of prey (both mothers and daughters) flutter over our heads, and souse down upon our tables, and leave nothing unrent, unrifled, unravaged, or unpolluted with the slime of their filthy offal. (p. 156) ...

    Selections from _Letter to Noble Lord_

  • And to keep even a garden unravaged was now become a subject of the deepest concern.

    The Settlement at Port Jackson

  • The unravaged state was a vast granary, machine shop and storehouse for the Confederacy.

    Gone with the Wind

  • So venerable, so lovely, so unravaged by the fierce intellectual life of our century, so serene!

    The Grand Old Man


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