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  • adj. Not remitted or allowed to slacken; continued.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not remitted; not forgiven: as, punishment unremitted.
  • Not having a temporary relaxation: as, pain unremitted.


un- +‎ remitted (Wiktionary)


  • Their wishes ought to have great weight with him; their opinion, high respect; their business, unremitted attention.

    Health care: the DOOM that came for Blue Dogs. [UPDATED.] | RedState

  • We have no trace of him at present, although our exertions to discover him are unremitted; but they will not restore my beloved William!

    Chapter 7

  • We have no trace of him at present, although our exertions to discover him are unremitted; but they will not restore my beloved William.

    Chapter 6

  • Merchants at coffeehouses celebrated and crowds visited the homes of Federalist convention members, giving three cheers in recognition of their “united, unremitted, and toilsome Exertions” on behalf of the Constitution.


  • All it takes to be excluded from the Beatific Vision is unremitted original sin, or merely one unabsolved mortal sin.


  • The Roman Church of Scotland, in particular, was at her last gasp, actually blowing blood and water, yet still with unremitted, though animal exertions, maintaining the conflict with the assailants, who on every side were plunging their weapons into her bulky body.

    The Monastery

  • But the boldness and impatience of his disposition soon quarrelled with an occupation in which, without assiduity and unremitted attention, no progress was to be expected.

    The Monastery

  • Goshen, enjoying the calm light of peace and immunity, while the rest of the country, occupied by wild clans and marauding barons, was one dark scene of confusion, blood, and unremitted outrage.

    The Monastery

  • Towards the door of this tenement, there advanced slowly up the ancient, but empty streets of this famous borough, a vehicle, which, had it appeared in Piccadilly, would have furnished unremitted laughter for a week, and conversation for a twelvemonth.

    Saint Ronan's Well

  • Dalwhairn, in the parish of Irongray; where, after the death of her father, she continued, with the unassuming piety of a Scottish peasant, to support her mother by her own unremitted labour and privations; a case so common, that even yet, I am proud to say, few of my countrywomen would shrink from the duty.

    The Heart of Mid-Lothian


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