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  • Not revenged: as, an injury unrevenged.

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  • adjective Not revenged.


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un- +‎ revenged


  • I would not remain unrevenged -- she should see Albert expire at her feet -- she should die beneath my vengeance.

    The Mortal Immortal

  • Here in his old age he called up from the past, vivid as when they happened, every affront to his line, every lawsuit waged against them, back to his own birth and beyond, and brooded over every one that had gone unrevenged.

    A Caregiver's Homage To The Very Old

  • I myself am a man and a Scotchman, and, as such, I feel offended at the unjust conduct of the English towards our country and sovereign; and thinking as you do yourself, I know what you must suffer when you are obliged to submit to national insults, unretaliated and unrevenged.

    Castle Dangerous

  • Fifteen thousand Locrenses fought against a hundred thousand Crotonienses, and seeing now no way but one, they must all die, [6685] thought they would not depart unrevenged, and thereupon desperately giving an assault, conquered their enemies.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • I felt myself stunned, and imagining the bullet had entered my brain, discharged mine as quick as possible, that I might not die unrevenged: then flying upon my antagonist, knocked out several of his fore-teeth with the butt-end of the piece, and would certainly have made an end of him with that instrument, had he not disengaged himself, and seized his cutlass, which he had given to his servant when he received the pistol.

    The Adventures of Roderick Random

  • But they, keeping together in the order of a phalanx, and falling upon the enemies, forced their shields out of their hands, and, striking with their pikes at the breasts and faces of the Persians, overthrew many of them; who, however, fell not either unrevenged or without courage.

    The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans

  • Temple neither felt the weapon touch him nor heard it fall: and Wotton might have escaped to his army, with the honour of having remitted his lance against so great a leader unrevenged; but Apollo, enraged that a javelin flung by the assistance of so foul a goddess should pollute his fountain, put on the shape of —, and softly came to young

    The Battle of the Books

  • He has no intention of allowing this snub to go by unrevenged.


  • Others were no doubt nourishing memories of unrevenged injuries.

    'Hungary's New Twist': An Exchange

  • The time shall come wherein the earth shall disclose her slain, and not the simplest heretic (as they were counted) shall have his blood unrevenged: neither shall any atonement be made for this blood, or expiation be allowed, whilst a toe of the image or a bone of the beast is left unbroken.

    The Sermons of John Owen


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