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  • adjective Not rugged
  • adjective Not rugged, without a rug
  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of unrug.


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un- +‎ rugged

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

unrug +‎ -ed


  • She enumerated the many rooms that were in the house: those that were covered with carpets, the margins whereof had to be beeswaxed: those others, only partially covered with rugs, which had to be entirely waxed: the upper rooms were uncarpeted and unrugged, and had, therefore, to be scrubbed: the basement, consisting of two red-flagged kitchens and a scullery, had also to be scoured out.

    Mary, Mary

  • Gradually along the bare, bleak stretches of unrugged floor little cold draughts of air came creeping exploringly to his feet.

    Molly Make-Believe

  • He may hug his threadbare coat and gloat over his unrugged floor as the fitting circumstance of "plain living and high thinking."

    Ars Recte Vivendi; Being Essays Contributed to "The Easy Chair"

  • Loc: Woking, Surrey my 23yr old Welsh Cob is out in this awful wind and rain unrugged with lots of hay and some natural shelter - he'll live!


  • Ellie had obviously been sweating like crazy out in the field today - she is unrugged, but her coat was white with dried salty sweat, so she had abviously got herself in a real tizz over something.



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  • In the hall of future kings... the corridors of the academy... always a little littered after a day of use, a lot like a cheap hotel, unrugged, or a low-rent office hovel, lined with numbered doors, light wandering without any purpose through the abraded glass, and filled with footfall, the rustle of walkers, and the low murmurs of talk, sounds as muzzy and meandering as the light, the whole effect shabby, seedy in a disarming way, as if the space were saying, "This is a passage where youthful heads, hard on something, pass on their way from text to teacher, with little interest in material things - certainly not in my dirty, once-cream walls, my shoe-soiled floor, or the golden dance of dust in my occasional shafts of sun.

    - William Gass, The Tunnel

    June 5, 2009