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  • v. Present participle of unsling.


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  • Josh hit the dirt; Zack thumped down beside him, already unslinging his rifle.

    Ancient, Strange, and Lovely

  • But his cries summoned two other fellows — soldiers by the look of them — who closed in on us, unslinging their rifles as they ran.


  • "Actually, yes, " I said, unslinging my bag from my shoulder.

    A Breath of Snow and Ashes

  • 'But don't worry/Baxter resumed, unslinging his backpack and laying it on the ground.

    Be My Enemy

  • Isaac came to a stop in front of the opening, shifted the snowmobile into neutral and throttled it down to a low idle before dismounting and unslinging his rifle.

    Scott Free

  • The warehouse's open door was being tugged shut, darkening the huge room, and Sharpe was unslinging his rifle as the first shots came from the closing door.

    Sharpe's Escape

  • They were hurrying, looking into the mist behind them and Sharpe, unslinging the rifle, wondered what in hell was happening.

    Sharpe's Escape

  • Then there was a shout from the bridge, and Sharpe turned, and he heard the hooves and he was unslinging his rifle, but he could not see a damn thing because the sun was so low and it was filling the eastern sky with dazzling light, but coming from the heart of the blinding light were horsemen.

    Sharpe's Skirmish

  • Lindstrom asked as he began unslinging the litter.


  • He whirled, unslinging his light throwing spear, vowing to put it through the first man he saw breaking from the column.

    Conan and The Gods of The Mountain


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  • If a gunslinger unslings a gun,

    what does an unslinger do to have fun?

    Does he unholster his gun super-quickly

    or does he insert it therein with a sickly

    grin and a word of appeasement?

    And for his easement,

    what's there to bolster a


    the last of his cover being blown?

    October 22, 2011

  • What? No tweets? Say it ain't so.

    October 21, 2011