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  • adj. Not softened.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ softened


  • An unsatisfactory version of it appeared in 1928, without notes and edited by a descendant who "softened Cresswell's opinions and actions," according to historians Harold B. Gill Jr. and George M. Curtis III, who give us Cresswell in decidedly unsoftened form, complete with the improvisational spelling and punctuation of the time.

    Revolution Road Trip

  • To the very last, and even afterwards, her frown remained unsoftened.

    Bleak House

  • The cut was simple, the cloth coarse and unsoftened by pounding.

    A Shadow in Summer

  • His high and wrinkled forehead, piercing grey eyes, and marked features, evinced age unbroken by infirmity, and stern resolution unsoftened by humanity.

    Old Mortality

  • It is an idiosyncrasy of the cabs in Madrid that only the open victorias have rubber tires; if you go in a coupe you must consent to be ruthlessly bounced over the rough pavements on wheels unsoftened.

    Familiar Spanish Travels

  • The fireplace was unsoftened by downy ashes or by sooty brick; the brass fire-irons were of immaculate polish; and the grenadier andirons were like samples in a shop, desolate, unwanted, lifeless things of commerce.


  • It was a martial immensity, vigorous, a little harsh, unsoftened by kindly gardens.

    Main Street

  • The largeness of everything, the plane and the planet Earth and the transparent miles between them, struck her much as when the bandages on her eyes had been removed, giving her back the world in its shocking unsoftened colors.

    Varieties of Religious Experience

  • But the face of Oolanga, as his master called him, was unreformed, unsoftened savage, and inherent in it were all the hideous possibilities of a lost, devil-ridden child of the forest and the swamp — the lowest of all created things that could be regarded as in some form ostensibly human.

    The Lair of the White Worm

  • He is an Englishman, and in the midst of national and professional prejudices, unsoftened by cultivation, retains some of the noblest endowments of humanity.



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